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Here's the true story of what happened after Little Red Riding Hood married the Hunter:
"I'll have to cut up that red cloak of yours," the Hunter said on their wedding night.
"That's what started all the trouble in the first place."

Little Red Riding Hood smiled sweetly and handed him the scissors.
"Don't worry," said the Hunter, kissing her on the ear, "I'll get rid of the cloak in the morning. That way no one will ever bother you again."

Six weeks later, Little Red Riding Hood found a piece of the cloak at the bottom of the dustbin.

While her husband was at work, she split the velvet scrap into two pieces and tied them to her ponytails.

"I'll need to pack a basket of goodies if I go for a walk in the woods today," she thought, looking into the mirror and pushing open the door.