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Postcards are available for purchase. The postcards feature an image on the front and a brief story on the back with room for a regular postcard message and address. Postcards are $8.00 for a set of six. Send a postcard to someone you love! Contact cecilia@estreet.com for ordering details and please put "Postcards" in the subject line.

An audio CD of one of Cecilia's short stories, "Stray" is available for purchase. It is the story of a woman who moves to L.A. to become a movie director and instead ends up finding an alternative universe underneath her kitchen sink. Sound design is by Bill Johnson with music from Ravel's Piano Concerto in G major played by Nate Koch. The CD is 40 minutes in length. A nice bedtime story for adults! The cost is $8.00. Please contact Cecilia for ordering details and put "Stray CD" in the subject line.


























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Little Secret

Sunday winter morning, sometime after dawn. You. Me. The empty street and the white sky and the telephone wires and the sparrows huddled underneath the bush outside your house.

Remember the lonely daisy-colored flip-flop sticking out of the snow bank and how you said it made you sad?

Funny. The sun caught your hair just so, and even down to the tips of your tiny eyelashes, every inch of you was light.You know, I almost said something.






The Love Jungle

"You have lovely eyes," said the little cat to the big cat one fine day.

"Really?" asked the big cat. "Do you really think so?"

"Oh, yes," said the little cat. "Not to mention, you have a beautiful body in the classical sense. Like Michelangelo's David. Or Boticelli's Venus, if Venus was a man. Have you ever considered posing nude?"







According to the rules, there are exactly two times a day one is allowed to make a wish. Once at 11:11. And again at 11:11.


Little Bunny Foo Foo

He tried so terribly hard to be good. But sometimes, sometimes he couldn't help himself.




Little Red Riding Hood

Here's the true story of what happened after Little Red Riding Hood married the Hunter:

"I'll have to cut up that red cloak of yours," the Hunter said on their wedding night. "That's what started all the trouble in the first place."

Little Red Riding Hood smiled sweetly and handed him the scissors. "Don't worry," said the Hunter, kissing her on the ear. "I'll get rid of cloak in the morning. That way no one will ever bother you again."

Six weeks later, Little Red Riding Hood found a piece of the cloak at the bottom of the dustbin. While her husband was at work, she split the red velvet scrap into two pieces and tied them to her ponytails.

"I'll need to pack a basket of goodies if I go for a walk in the woods today," she thought, looking into mirror and pushing open the door.



A Fact About Rabbits:

Due to the large and sensitive nature of their ears, Bunny Rabbits can hear things others cannot.