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One day I came home from school and found my stepmother sitting on the kitchen floor, bleeding from the side of her mouth and smoking a menthol cigarette.

She'd only been living with us for about six months, but I liked the way she braided my hair and never tried to kiss me.

That afternoon I'd been collecting leaves for Mrs. Brown's Science class on photosynthesis, and I set the overflowing grocery sack down on a chair.

My stepmother reached in, took two twigs and put them on her head.

"That's how Bunny got her ears," she said, crushing purple leaves into her hair.
She looked at me, and I thought for one moment that we almost understood each other.

I took one of my braided ponytails and stuck it in my mouth.

"Go wash up for dinner," she said. "And get those leaves out of here. Your father will be home any minute."